Rachel Cohn Quotes: Are You Over Him I Asked We Both Knew

Are You Over Him?" I Asked. We Both Knew The Him I Referred To Was Not Benny, But The Him Who Broke Langston's Heart So Devastatingly. Langston's First Love. "In Some Ways, I Think I'll Never Be Over Him," Langston Said. "That Is Such An Unsatisfying Answer." "That's Because You're Interpreting It The Wrong Way. I Don't Mean It As A Wistful, Overdramatic Declaration. I Meant That The Love I Felt For Him Was Huge And Real, And, While Painful, It Forever Changed Me As A Person, In The Same Way That Being Your Brother Reflects And Changes How I Evolve, And Vice Versa. The Important People In Our Lives Leave Imprints. They May Stay Or Go In The Physical Realm, But They Are Always There In Your Heart, Because They Helped Form Your Heart. There's No Getting Over That." My
— Rachel Cohn —

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