Betty Smith Quotes: I Drink Because I Dont Stand A Chance

I Drink Because I Don't Stand A Chance And I Know It. I Couldn't Drive A Truck And I Couldn't Get On The Cops With My Build. I Got To Sling Beer And Sing When I Just Want To Sing. I Drink Because I Got Responsibilities That I Can't Handle ... I Am Not A Happy Man. I Got A Wife And Children And I Don't Happen To Be A Hard-working Man. I Never Wanted A Family ... Yes, Your Mother Works Hard. I Love My Wife And I Love My Children. But Shouldn't A Man Have A Better Life? Maybe Someday It Will Be That The Unions Will Arrange For A Man To Work And To Have Time For Himself Too. But That Won't Be In My Time. Now, It's Work Hard All The Time Or Be A Bum ... No In-between. When I Die, Nobody Will Remember Me For Long. No One Will Say, "He Was A Man Who Loved His Family And Believed In The Union." All They Will Say Is," Too Bad. But He Was Nothing But A Drunk No Matter Which Way You Look At It." Yes They'll Say That.
— Betty Smith —

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