Boris Pasternak Quotes: The Saddest Thing Of All Was That Their

The Saddest Thing Of All Was That Their Party Represented A Deviation From The Conditions Of The Time. It Was Impossible To Imagine That In The Houses Across The Lane People Were Eating And Drinking In The Same Way At Such An Hour. Beyond The Window Lay Mute, Dark, Hungry Moscow. Her Food Stores Were Empty, And People Had Even Forgotten To Think Of Such Things As Game And Vodka.
And Thus It Turned Out That The Only True Life Is One That Resembles The Life Around Us And Drowns In It Without Leaving A Trace, That Isolated Happiness Is Not Happiness, So That Duck And Alcohol, When They Seem To Be The Only Ones In Town, Are Not Alcohol And A Duck At All.
— Boris Pasternak —

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