George R.R. Martin Quotes: How Could I Not Love Him After That That

How Could I Not Love Him, After That? That Is Not To Say That I Approved Of All He Did, Or Much Enjoyed The Company Of The Man That He Became ... But Every Little Girl Needs A Big Brother To Protect Her. Tywin Was Big Even When He Was Little." She Gave A Sigh. "Who Will Protect Us Now?"
Jaime Kissed Her Cheek. "He Left A Son."
"Aye, He Did. That Is What I Fear The Most, In Truth."
That Was A Queer Remark. "Why Should You Fear?"
"Jaime," She Said, Tugging On His Ear, "sweetling, I Have Known You Since You Were A Babe At Joanna's Breast. You Smile Like Gerion And Fight Like Tyg, And There's Some Of Kevan In You, Else You Would Not Wear That Cloak ... But Tyrion Is Tywin's Son, Not You. I Said So Once To Your Father's Face, And He Would Not Speak To Me For Half A Year. Men Are Such Thundering Great Fools. Even The Sort Who Come Along Once In A Thousand Years.
— George R.R. Martin —

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