Jay Bell Quotes: This Will Happen Again Nathaniel

This Will Happen Again," Nathaniel Explained. "Even If We Manage Not To Hurt Each Other, Eventually One Of Us Will Get Sick Or Get Bored, Or Someone Else Will Get In The Way. Maybe They Won't Mean To. Maybe My Mom Will Need Me When She's Older And I'll Have To Go To Her-"
"I'd Go With You," Kelly Offered.
"-or Maybe One Of Us Will Die Young Or Maybe You'll Fall Out Of Love With Me Because Emotions Can't Be Controlled. Or Maybe We'll Get To A Point Where We Want To Hurt Each Other. I Know That's Hard To Imagine Now, But Relationships Only Get More Complicated As Time Goes By."
"So We Better Avoid Them?" Kelly Snapped. "Why Do You Even Leave The House? Why Aren't You Constantly Scared Of Getting Hit By A Car Or Shot By Some Random Lunatic?"
Nathaniel Exhaled." I Never Was Before. Not Until I Fell In Love With You.
— Jay Bell —

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