Nathaniel Hawthorne Quotes: Returning To The Arched Window She

Returning To The Arched Window, She Lifted Her Eyes- Scowling, Poor Dim-sighted Hepzibah, In The Face Of Heaven!- And Strove Hard To Send Up A Prayer Through The Dense Grey Pavement Of Clouds. Those Mists Had Gathered , As If To Symbolize A Great, Brooding Mass Of Human Trouble, Doubt, Confusion, And Chill Indifference, Between Earth And The Better Regions. Her Faith Was Too Weak; The Prayer To Heavy To Be Thus Uplifted. It Fell Back, A Lump Of Lead, Upon Her Heart. It Smote Her With The Wretched Conviction That Providence Intermeddled Not In These Petty Wrongs Of One Individual To His Fellow, Nor Had Any Balm For These Little Agonies Of A Solitary Soul; But Shed It's Justice , And It's Mercy, In A Broad, Sunlike Sweep, Over Half The Universe At Once. It's Vastness Made It Nothing. But Hepzibah Did Not See That, Just As There Comes A Warm Sunbeam Into Every Cottage Window, So Comes A Lovebeam Of God's Care And Pity For Every Separate Need
— Nathaniel Hawthorne —

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