Rachel Hawkins Quotes: Sophie You Saw Alices Transformation I

Sophie, You Saw Alice's Transformation."
I Nodded. "And The Murder Of My Great-grandfather. Weird It Showed Me That When I've Had So Many Other Awful Things Happen Directly To Me," I Said, Beginning To Tick Them Off On My Fingers. "Elodie Getting Killed, Having To Kill Alice, Escaping A Burning Building With The Help Of A Ghost ... " And Then, Because Both My Parents Looked So Deflated, I Added, "Oh, And This Really Heinous Pageboy Haircut In Sixth Grade."
A Few Wan Smiles Appeared, But I Think It Was Just To Humor Me.
"Yes, But That Was The Act That Was Directly Responsible For All Of Those Other Horrible Events," Dad Said. "Well, Except For The Haircut. I Suspect That Can Be Laid At Your Mother's Door."
"James!" Mom Protested, But I Swear I Heard Affection Behind It. I Think Dad Did, Too, Because His Lips Quirked Upward Briefly.
— Rachel Hawkins —

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