David Wong Quotes: Deadworld Is That Where Youre From No

Deadworld? Is That Where You're From?" "No, Dude. That's Where You're From. It's Where We Are Now. This Place, It's A Horror Show. If The Guy Next To You Decides To Knock You Out Of This World Forever, He Can Do It With Just A Piece Of Metal Or, Hell, Even His Bare Hand. You Blobs, You Sit There, Chillin' In This Room And I Can Smell The Rot Of Dead Animals Soaking In The Acid Of Your Guts. You Suck The Life From The Innocent Creatures Of This World Just So You Can Clock Another Day. You're Machines That Run On The Terror And Pain And Mutilation Of Other Lives. You'll Scrape The World Clean Of Every Green And Living Thing Until Starvation Goes One-eight-seven On Every One Of Your Sorry Asses, Your Desperation To Put Off Death Leadin' To The Ultimate Death Of Everybody And Everything. Dude, I Can't Believe You Ain't All Paralyzed By The Pure, Naked Horror Of This Place.
— David Wong —

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