Leo Tolstoy Quotes: So Those Are The Direct Answers Human

So Those Are The Direct Answers Human Wisdom Gives When It Answers The Question Of Life. "The Life Of The Body Is Evil And A Lie. And Therefore The Destruction Of This Life Of The Body Is Something Good, And We Must Desire It," Says Socrates. "Life Is That Which Ought Not Be - An Evil - And The Going Into Nothingness Is The Sole Good Of Life," Says Schopenhauer. "Everything In The World - Folly And Wisdom And Riches And Poverty And Happiness And Grief - All Is Vanity And Nonsense. Man Will Die And Nothing Will Remain. And That Is Foolish," Says Solomon. "One Must Not Live With Awareness Of The Inevitability Of Suffering, Weakness, Old Age, And Death - One Must Free Oneself From Life, From All Possibility Of Life," Says Buddha. And What These Powerful Intellects Said Was Said And Thought And Felt By Millions And Millions Of People Like Them. And I Too Thought And Felt That.
— Leo Tolstoy —

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