Derrick Jensen Quotes: A Primary Purpose Of School And This Is

A Primary Purpose Of School - And This Is True For Our Culture's Science And Religion As Well - Is To Lead Us Away From Our Own Experience. The Process Of Schooling Does Not Give Birth To Human Beings - As Education Should But Never Will So Long As It Springs From The Collective Consciousness Of Our Culture - But Instead It Teaches Us To Value Abstract Rewards At The Expense Of Our Autonomy, Curiosity, Interior Lives, And Time. This Lesson Is Crucial To Individual Economic Success ("I Love Art," My Students Would Say, "but I've Got To Make A Living"), To The Perpetuation Of Our Economic System (What If All Those Who Hated Their Jobs Quit?), And It Is Crucial, As Should Be Clear Now, To The Rationale That Causes All Mass Atrocities.
— Derrick Jensen —

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