Danilo-Kis Quotes: I Was Looking Through Half Open Eyes At

I Was Looking Through Half-open Eyes At The Sky, Like The First Man, And Thinking About How - There You Are - My Uncle Had Died, About How They Would Now Be Burying Him, About How I Would Never Meet Him. I Stood Petrified, Thinking That One Day I Too Would Die. At The Same Time I Was Horror-stricken To Realize That My Mother Would Also Die. All Of This Came Rushing Upon Me In A Flash Of A Peculiar Violet Color, In A Twinkling, And The Sudden Activity In My Intestines And In My Heart Told Me That What Had Seemed At First Just A Foreboding Was Indeed The Truth. This Experience Made Me Realize, Without Any Circumlocution, That I Would Die One Day, And So Would My Mother, And My Sister Anna. I Couldn't Imagine How One Day My Hand Would Die, How My Eyes Would Die. Looking Over My Hand, I Caught This Thought On My Palm, Connected To My Body, Indivisible From It.
— Danilo-Kis —

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