Jerry Spinelli Quotes: He Wagged His Finger In My Face Youre

He Wagged His Finger In My Face. "You're Not SUPPOSED To Do Anything. YOU'RE The One Trying To Change ME. Remember? As Far As I'M Concerned, YOU Can Do Anything You Want."
"Except Criticize You."
"Hey," He Said, "if That's How You Want To Spend Your Life, Getting On My Case"
he Threw Out His Arms
"be My Guest." He Turned His Deep Blue Eyes On Me. "And Anyway
" He Let It Hang There. He Was Smirking.
Suddenly I Felt As If I Were On Roller Skates. "What?"
"I Know Why You're Doing It."
I Stopped. He Walked On.
"Doing What?" I Said. "What? Why?" I Think I Was Babbling.
He Flipped His Answer As Blithely As A Candy Wrapper Over His Shoulder: "You Know.
— Jerry Spinelli —

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