Ilona Andrews Quotes: The Problem With Being An Alpha Is That

The Problem With Being An Alpha Is That You Can Never Make The First Move.
Makes You Feel Like You're Taking Advantage Of Your Position. You Have To Wait Until
the Other Person Decides They Want In."
Jim Set The Basket On The Coffee Table And Crouched By Me.
"And Sometimes It Seems Like That Person Likes You, And You Try To Test The Waters,
so You Try To Tell Her How You Feel, That She Matters And That You Want To Be With Her
and You're Concerned About Her Safety. And Every Time You Do That, She Waves Her
arms Around And Accuses You Of Being A Controlling Alpha Asshole. So You Back Off
and Hope You Didn't Completely Fuck It Up."
He Was Close, Too Close. I Just Stared At Him. What Was Happening ... "Why Are
you Telling Me This?"
His Voice Was Low And Smooth. "That Time When I Told You It Didn't Matter What
your Mother Thought About Your Looks ... "
"Aha ... "
"I Meant It," He Said. "Because I Think You're Beautiful.
— Ilona Andrews —

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