Cynthia Voigt Quotes: When He Sat In The Rowboat Again The

When He Sat In The Rowboat Again, The Oars Ready But Not Yet Dipped Into The Water To Take Him Away From The Island, Jeff Looked Back. He Didn't See The Busy Land Crabs Nor The Overgrown Interior; He Saw The Beach, Knowing It Was There Just Beyond Sight, Keeping The Sight Of It Clear In His Inner Eye. He Splashed The Oars Into The Water. Behind Him, A Great Blue Squawked - Jeff Turned His Head Quickly. The Heron Rose Up From The Marsh Grass, Croaking Its Displeasure At The Disturbance, At Jeff, At All Of The World. Its Legs Dragged Briefly In The Water Before It Rose Free To Swoop Over Jeff's Head With A Whirring Of Powerful Wings. It Landed Again On The Far Side Of The Ruined Dock, To Stand On Stiltlike Legs With Its Long Beak Pointed Toward The Water. Just Leave Me Alone, The Heron Seemed To Be Saying. Jeff Rowed Away, Down The Quiet Creek. The Bird Did Not Watch Him Go.
— Cynthia Voigt —

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