Stephen King Quotes: Gordie Alright Alright Mickeys A Mouse

Gordie: Alright, Alright, Mickey's A Mouse, Donald's A Duck, Pluto's A Dog. What's Goofy?
Vern: If I Could Only Have One Food For The Rest Of My Life? That's Easy-Pez. Cherry-flavored Pez. No Question About It.
Teddy: Goofy's A Dog. He's Definitely A Dog.
Gordie: I Knew The $64,000 Question Was Fixed. There's No Way Anybody Could Know That Much About Opera!
Chris: He Can't Be A Dog. He Drives A Car And Wears A Hat.
Gordie: Wagon Train's A Really Cool Show, But Did You Notice They Never Get Anywhere? They Just Keep Wagon Training.
Vern: Oh, God. That's Weird. What The Hell Is Goofy?
— Stephen King —

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