Stephen King Quotes: And The Purple Parted Before It Snapping

And The Purple Parted Before It, Snapping Back Like Skin After A Slash, And What It Let Out Wasn't Blood But Light: Amazing Orange Light That Filled Her Heart And Mind With A Terrible Mixture Of Joy, Terror, And Sorrow. No Wonder She Had Repressed This Memory All These Years. It Was Too Much. Far Too Much. The Light Seemed To Give The Fading Air Of Evening A Silken Texture, And The Cry Of A Bird Struck Her Ear Like A Pebble Made Of Glass. A Cap Of Breeze Filled Her Nostrils With A Hundred Exotic Perfumes: Frangipani, Bougainvillea, Dusty Roses, And Oh Dear God, Night-blooming Cereus ... And Rising Above One Horizon Came The Orange Mansion Of The Moon, Bloated And Burning Cold, While The Sun Sank Below The Other, Boiling In A Crimson House Of Fire. She Thought That Mixture Of Furious Light Would Kill Her With Its Beauty.
— Stephen King —

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