Sarah Vowell Quotes: But The Grateful Dead As The Fanatic

But The Grateful Dead, As The Fanatic Fans Point Out, Are A Way Of Life: Someone Else's. Twentieth-century Teenagers, Especially American Ones, Have Been Brilliant At Creating Their Own Culture, Their Own Music, Clothes, And Point(s) Of View. It's Sad And Fraudulent That The Kind Of Wholesale Worship Of Some Historical Way Of Life Has Settled Over So Many Young People, Infecting Them Like A Noxious Gas ... I Love The Dead
grew Up In The Thrall Of Shakespeare And Hank Williams And James Dean. And I Adore The Rolling Stones. But There's A Difference Between Cherishing "Satisfaction" And Wearing Keith Richards' Hair While Doing Keith Richards' Drugs. I Don't Want To Be Keith Richards. I Wanna Be Me. Not
like The Neo-Deadheads
just Another Extra In An Overblown Costume Drama About Something That Wasn't That Interesting The First Time Around.
— Sarah Vowell —

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