Anonymous. Quotes: What Makes The Resurrection So Difficult

What Makes The Resurrection So Difficult For Most People To Believe? The Fact That Jesus Rose From The Dead Became The Central Point Of The Disciples' Preaching. Why Is The Resurrection So Important To Christianity? How Can The Experience Of These First-century Christ-followers And Their Strong Witness Give You Confidence And Hope? The Close Followers Of Jesus Ran For Their Lives From The Garden And Then Kept Their Distance From The Trial And Crucifixion. Peter Denied Even Knowing Jesus. Two Of Them Walked Sadly Away From Jerusalem, Hopeless Of Seeing Jesus Again. Then This Same Group Hid From The Authorities In A Locked Room. But Soon They Would Be Boldly Proclaiming The Good News About Jesus. What Changed These Confused And Disillusioned Men And Women? The Resurrection! They Saw Christ Alive-they Knew The Truth-and Their Lives Were Forever Changed. This Is Perhaps The Greatest Proof That Christ did, In Fact, Rise From The Dead: The Disciples' Changed Lives.
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