Pittacus Lore Quotes: Look What I Found Eight Eight Disappears

Look What I Found, Eight!"
Eight Disappears From The Grass And Reappears Up In The Air Next To The Chest. He Wraps His Arms Around It And Hugs It. Slime And All. Then He Teleports Back To The Edge Of The Lake, The Chest Still In His Hands. "I Can't Believe It," Eight Finally Says. "All This Time, It Was Right Here." He Looks Stunned.
"It Was Inside A Mog Ship At The Bottom Of The Lake," I Say, Walking Out Of The Water.
Eight Disappears Again And Teleports Directly In Front Of Me, Our Noses Practically Touching. Before I Can Register How Nice His Warm Breath Feels On My Face, He Picks Me Up And Kisses Me Hard On The Mouth As He Twirls Me Around. My Body Stiffens And I Suddenly Have No Idea What To Do With My Hands. I Don't Know What To Do At All, So I Just Let It Happen. He Tastes Salty And Sweet At The Same Time. The Whole World Disappears And I Feel As If I'm Floating In Darkness. (Rise Of The Nine)
— Pittacus Lore —

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