Jenny Offill Quotes: My Best Friend Came To Visit From Far

My Best Friend Came To Visit From Far Away. She Took Two Planes And A Train To Get To Brooklyn. We Met At A Bar Near My Apartment And Drank In A Hurry As The Babysitter's Meter Ticked. In The Past, We Talked About Books And Other People, But Now We Talked Only Of Our Respective Babies, Hers Sweet-faced And Docile, Mine At War With The World. We Applied Our Muzzy Intellects To A Theory Of Light. That All Are Born Radiating Light But That This Light Diminished Slowly (if One Was Lucky) Or Abruptly (if One Was Not). The Most Charismatic People-the Poets, The Mystics, The Explorers-were That Way Because They Had Somehow Managed To Keep A Bit Of This Light That Was Meant To Have Dimmed. But The Shocking Thing, The Unbearable Thing It Seemed, Was That The Natural Order Was For This Light To Vanish. It Hung On Sometimes Through The Twenties, A Glint Here Or There In The Thirties, And Then Almost Always The Eyes Went Dark.
— Jenny Offill —

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