Herman Koch Quotes: You Give Her A Three He Said That Three

-You Give Her A Three, He Said ...
-That Three Was Entirely Fitting, I Said. It Was Complete Garbage. Not The Kind Of Thing I Expect The
students To Hand In ... In Addition To The Second World War, I Also Deal With A Large Part Of The History That Came Afterwards,' I Interrupted Again. Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, The Middle East And Israel, The Six-Day
War, The Yom Kippur War, The Palestinians. I Deal With All Of That During My Classes. So Then You
can't Expect To Turn In A Paper About The State Of Israel In Which People Mostly Pick Oranges And Dance
in Sandals Around A Campfire. Cheerful, Happy People Everywhere, And All That Horseshit About The
desert Where Flowers Blossom Again. I Mean, People Are Shot And Killed There Every Day, Buses Are
blown Up. What's This All About?
-She Came In Here Crying, Paul.
-I'd Cry Too If I Turned In Garbage Like That.
— Herman Koch —

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