Jack McDevitt Quotes: The Most Important Thing Weve Done He

The Most Important Thing We've Done," He Said To An Audience At Andiquar University, "was To Get Off-world. That Was The Single Act That Opened The Universe To Us. We Owe All That To The Men And Women Who Made The Apollo Flights Possible And Especially To Those Who Put Their Lives At Risk, And Who Sometimes Paid The Price, To Actually Ride The Vehicles. They Got Us Started. Once We'd Set Foot On The Moon, It Was Inevitable That We'd Go On To Rimway And Dellaconda And The Edge Of The Galaxy. We Knew It Would Take A While. That We'd Get In Our Own Way. That We'd Be Discouraged By The Vast Distances Involved Simply In Going To Mars. We Understood That We Were Probably Facing An Empty And Cold Universe. But It Was The Beginning, And In Our Hearts We Must Have Known We Would Not Be Stopped.
— Jack McDevitt —

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