Mark Twain Quotes: Its A Catholic Glacier You Can Tell By

It's A Catholic Glacier. You Can Tell By The Look Of It. And The Management." I Said, No, I Believed Nothing But The Extreme End Of It Was In A Catholic Canton. "Well, Then, It's A Government Glacier," Said Harris. "It's All The Same. Over Here The Government Runs Everything-so Everything's Slow; Slow, And Ill-managed. But With Us, Everything's Done By Private Enterprise-and Then There Ain't Much Lolling Around, You Can Depend On It. I Wish Tom Scott Could Get His Hands On This Torpid Old Slab Once-you'd See It Take A Different Gait From This." I Said I Was Sure He Would Increase The Speed, If There Was Trade Enough To Justify It.
— Mark Twain —

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