Mark Twain Quotes: But They Will Build No More Barricades

But They Will Build No More Barricades, They Will Break No More Soldiers' Heads With Paving-stones. Louis Napoleon Has Taken Care Of All That. He Is Annihilating The Crooked Streets And Building In Their Stead Noble Boulevards As Straight As An Arrow-avenues Which A Cannon Ball Could Traverse From End To End Without Meeting An Obstruction More Irresistible Than The Flesh And Bones Of Men-boulevards Whose Stately Edifices Will Never Afford Refuges And Plotting Places For Starving, Discontented Revolution Breeders. Five Of These Great Thoroughfares Radiate From One Ample Centre-a Centre Which Is Exceedingly Well Adapted To The Accommodation Of Heavy Artillery. The Mobs Used To Riot There, But They Must Seek Another Rallying-place In Future. And This Ingenious Napoleon Paves The Streets Of His Great Cities With A Smooth, Compact Composition Of Asphaltum And Sand. No More Barricades Of Flagstones-no More Assaulting His Majesty's Troops With Cobbles.
— Mark Twain —

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