Mark Twain Quotes: Yes I Said That Is What I Mean To Say I

Yes," I Said, "that Is What I Mean To Say. I Am Not Going To Vote For Him." The Others Began To Find Their Voices. They Sang The Same Note. They Said That When A Party's Representatives Choose A Man, That Ends It. If They Choose Unwisely It Is A Misfortune, But No Loyal Member Of The Party Has Any Right To Withhold His Vote. He Has A Plain Duty Before Him And He Can't Shirk It. He Must Vote For That Nominee. I Said That No Party Held The Privilege Of Dictating To Me How I Should Vote. That If Party Loyalty Was A Form Of Patriotism, I Was No Patriot, And That I Didn't Think I Was Much Of A Patriot Anyway, For Oftener Than Otherwise What The General Body Of Americans Regarded As The Patriotic Course Was Not In Accordance With My Views; That If There Was Any Valuable Difference Between Being An American And A Monarchist It Lay In The Theory That The American Could Decide For Himself What Is Patriotic And What Isn't; Whereas
— Mark Twain —

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