Ben Lerner Quotes: Finally I Found Something On The List

Finally I Found Something On The List, Something Vital: Instant Coffee. I Held The Red Plastic Container, One Of The Last Three On The Shelf, Held It Like The Marvel That It Was: The Seeds Inside The Purple Fruits Of Coffee Plants Had Been Harvested On Andean Slopes And Roasted And Ground And Soaked And Then Dehydrated At A Factory In Medellin And Vacuum-sealed And Flown To JFK And Then Driven Upstate In Bulk To Pearl River For Repackaging And Then Transported By Truck To The Store Where I Now Stood Reading The Label. It Was As If The Social Relations That Produced The Object In My Hand Began To Glow Within It As They Were Threatened, Stirred Inside Their Packaging, Lending It A Certain Aura
the Majesty And Murderous Stupidity Of That Organization Of Time And Space And Fuel And Labor Becoming Visible In The Commodity Itself Now That Planes Were Grounded And The Highways Were Starting To Close.
— Ben Lerner —

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