Eleanor Catton Quotes: I Require Of All My Students That They

I Require Of All My Students ... That They Are Downy And Pubescent, Pimpled With Sullen Mistrust, And Boiling Away With Private Fury And Ardor And Uncertainty And Gloom. I Require That They Wait In The Corridor For Ten Minutes At Least Before Each Lesson, Tenderly Nursing Their Injustices, Picking Miserably At Their Own Unworthiness As One Might Finger A Scab Or Caress A Scar. If I Am To Teach Your Daughter, You Darling Hopeless And Inadequate Mother, She Must Be Moody And Bewildered And Awkward And Dissatisfied And Wrong. When She Realizes That He Body Is A Secret, A Dark And Yawning Secret Of Which She Becomes More And More Ashamed, Come Back To Me. You Must Understand Me On This Point. I Cannot Teach Children.
— Eleanor Catton —

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