Amy Poehler Quotes: So Here We Go You And Me Because What

So Here We Go, You And Me. Because What Else Are We Going To Do? Say No? Say No To An Opportunity That May Be Slightly Out Of Our Comfort Zone? Quiet Our Voice Because We Are Worried It Is Not Perfect? I Believe Great People Do Things Before They Are Ready. This Is America And I Am Allowed To Have Healthy Self-esteem. This Book Comes Straight From My Feisty And Freckled Fingers. Know It Was A Battle. Blood Was Shed. A War Raged Between My Jokey And Protective Brain And My Squishy And Tender Heart. I Have Realized That Mystery Is What Keeps People Away, And I've Grown Tired Of Smoke And Mirrors. I Yearn For The Clean, Well-lighted Place. So Let's Peek Behind The Curtain And Hail The Others Like Us. The Open-faced Sandwiches Who Take Risks And Live Big And Smile With All Of Their Teeth. These Are The People I Want To Be Around. This Is The Honest Way I Want To Live And Love And Write.
— Amy Poehler —

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