Anonymous. Quotes: Everyone Has Their Limits Their Breaking

Everyone Has Their Limits, Their Breaking Point. Everyone Has Some Amount Of Patience. Some People Have More Than Others.
Everyone Has To Come Down To What The Reality Is. Telling Someone You Love Them Is A Good And Beautiful Thing. But It Will Only Take You So Far. No One Can See Into Your Heart And Head To Know What Really Is There. What Your Truth Is. They Have To Go By What You Show Them, What You Share With Them. The More They Love You The More Patience They'll Have. But Over Time Their Love Will Shrink And Wither.
Women Are Interesting Creatures And They Mirror The Men They Love. If Your Open And Giving Of Your Love, Thoughts And Share Yourself With Her, She Will Blossom And Flourish.
However If You Withhold Yourself From Her ... She'll Mirror That And Withdraw. She Will Reach The Time When She Will Accept The Reality.
— Anonymous. —

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