Haruki Murakami Quotes: Well If I Were You Id Leave Him Id Find

Well, If I Were You, I'd Leave Him. I'd Find Someone With A More Normal Way Of Looking At Things And Live Happily Ever After. There's No Way In Hell You Can Be Happy With Him. The Way He Lives, It Never Crosses His Mind To Try To Make Himself Happy Or To Make Others Happy. Staying With Him Will Only Wreck Your Nervous System. To Me, It's Already A Miracle That You've Been With Him Three Years. Of Course, I'm Very Fond Of Him In My Own Way. He's Fun, And He Has Lots Of Great Qualities.
He Has Strengths And Abilities That I Could Never Hope To Match. But In The End, His Ideas About Things And The Way He Lives His Life Are Not Normal. Sometimes, When I'm Talking To Him, I Feel As If I'm Going
around And Around In Circles. The Same Process That Takes Him Higher And Higher Leaves Me Going Around In Circles. It Makes Me Feel So Empty! Finally, Our Very Systems Are Totally Different. Do You See What I'm Saying?
— Haruki Murakami —

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