Jon Krakauer Quotes: Balanced Atop The Highest Spire Of The

Balanced Atop The Highest Spire Of The Salt Lake Temple, Gleaming In The Utah Sun, A Statue Of The Angel Moroni Stands Watch Over Downtown Salt Lake City With His Golden Trumpet Raised. This Massive Granite Edifice Is The Spiritual And Temporal Nexus Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints (LDS), Which Presents Itself As The World's Only True Religion. Temple Square Is To Mormons What The Vatican Is To Catholics, Or The Kaaba In Mecca Is To Muslims. At Last Count There Were More Than Eleven Million Saints The World Over, And Mormonism Is The Fastest-growing Faith In The Western Hemisphere. At Present In The United States There Are More Mormons Than Presbyterians Or Episcopalians. On The Planet As A Whole, There Are Now More Mormons Than Jews. Mormonism Is Considered In Some Sober Academic Circles To Be Well On Its Way To Becoming A Major World Religion
the First Such Faith To Emerge Since Islam.
— Jon Krakauer —

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