Jennifer Echols Quotes: He Invited Me To Keep My Drum In His

He Invited Me To Keep My Drum In His Trunk," I Explained As We Reached Him. Considering Our New Title, I Thought It Might Help To Remind Him That This Storage Operation Had Been His Idea, Not Mine.
"Oh," Will Said, Turning Around With The Fresh T-shirt In His Hands. Glancing At Kaye And Then Back At Me, He Said, "You Can't Anymore, Because Of The Flirting Thing."
"Wait A Minute." I Didn't Mean To Raise My Voice, Especially Not With Kaye Standing There. But I Felt Baited And Switched, So I Lashed Out. "I Can Understand Why We Shouldn't Flirt Anymore Because Of The Title, But Not Why I Can't Leave My Drum In Your Car. This Is How It Ends, After All Our Time Together? What About The Mortgage? What About The Kids?
— Jennifer Echols —

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