Jim Trelease Quotes: Which Country Has The Best Readers One

Which Country Has The Best Readers? One Of The Most Comprehensive International Reading Studies Was Conducted By Warwick Elley For The International Association For The Evaluation Of Educational Achievement (IEA) In 1990 And 1991. Involving Thirty-two Countries, It Assessed 210,000 Nine- And Fourteen-year-olds.22 Of All Those Children, Which Ones Read Best? For Nine-year-olds, The Four Top Nations Were: Finland (569), The United States (547), Sweden (539), And France (531). But The U.S. Position Dropped To A Tie For Eighth When Fourteen-year-olds Were Evaluated. This Demonstrates That American Children Begin Reading At A Level That Is Among The Best In The World, But Since Reading Is An Accrued Skill And U.S. Children Appear To Do Less Of It As They Grow Older, Their Scores Decline When Compared With Countries Where Children Read More As They Mature.
— Jim Trelease —

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