Drew Karpyshyn Quotes: Des Felt A Familiar Feeling In The Pit

Des Felt A Familiar Feeling In The Pit Of His Stomach. All Soldiers Felt The Same Thing Going Into Battle, Whether They Admitted It Or Not: Fear. Fear Of Failure, Fear Of Dying, Fear Of Watching Their Friends Die, Fear Of Being Wounded And Living Out The Rest Of Their Days Crippled Or Maimed. The Fear Was Always There, And It Would Devour You If You Let It.
Des Knew How To Turn That Fear To His Own Advantage. Take What Makes You Weak And Turn It Into Something That Makes You Strong. Transform The Fear Into Anger And Hate: Hatred Of The Enemy; Hatred Of The Republic And The Jedi. The Hate Gave Him Strength, And The Strength Brought Him Victory.
For Des The Transformation Came Easily Once The Fighting Started. Thanks To His Abusive Father, He'd Been Turning Fear Into Anger And Hate Ever Since He Was A Child. Maybe That Was Why He Was Such A Good Soldier. Maybe That Was Why The Others Looked To Him For Leadership.
— Drew Karpyshyn —

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