Christopher Pike Quotes: He Said How Love Was The Sweetest

He Said How Love Was The Sweetest Expression Of Life. The One Thing That Made Life Worth Living. Love Made Difficult Tasks Easy. Raising A Family Could Be A Great Burden, But If There Was Love, The Sacrifice Was A Pleasure. And When Love Matured Into Devotion Then Everything You Did For Your Lover Was A Joy. You Would Give Up Your Life To Save Those You Loved. On The Other Hand, If Love Did Not Mature It Could Lead To Bondage, To Jealousy. If You Loved Someone, But Felt Possessive Of Them, You Could End Up Treating Them Like An Object That Belonged To You. Just As Bad, With Your Children, If You Showered Them With Too Much Love, And Never Disciplined Them, They Would Grow Up Weak And Spoiled. At Times, Love Had To Be Tough, Or It Could End Up Wrecking Those Dearest To You.
— Christopher Pike —

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