John Boyne Quotes: These Were Colours Hed Never Ever Seen

These Were Colours He'd Never Ever Seen Before; Ones He Couldn't Possibly Begin To Name. Here, To His Left, Was A Wooden Clock, And It Was Painted, Well Not Exactly Green, But A Colour That Green Might Like To Be If It Had Any Imagination At All. And Over There, Beside The Wooden Board Game Whose Overriding Colour Was Not Red, But Something That Red Might Look At Enviously, Blushing With Embarrassment At Its Own Dull Appearance. And The Wooden Letter Sets, Well, There Were Those Who Might Have Said That They Were Painted Yellow And Blue, But They Would Have Said This Knowing That Such Plain Words Were An Outrageous Insult To The Colouring On The Letters Themselves.
— John Boyne —

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