Salman Rushdie Quotes: Please Believe That I Am Falling Apart I

PLEASE BELIEVE That I Am Falling Apart. I Am Not Speaking Metaphorically; Nor Is This The Opening Gambit Of Some Melodramatic, Riddling, Grubby Appeal For Pity. I Mean Quite Simply That I Have Begun To Crack All Over Like An Old Jug-that My Poor Body, Singular, Unlovely, Buffeted By Too Much History, Subjected To Drainage Above And Drainage Below, Mutilated By Doors, Brained By Spittoons, Has Started Coming Apart At The Seams. In Short, I Am Literally Disintegrating, Slowly For The Moment, Although There Are Signs Of Acceleration. I Ask You Only To Accept (as I Have Accepted) That I Shall Eventually Crumble Into (approximately) Six Hundred And Thirty Million Particles Of Anonymous, And Necessarily Oblivious, Dust.
— Salman Rushdie —

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