Neal Shusterman Quotes: If You Care So Much About It She Asks

If You Care So Much About It," She Asks Him, "then Why Did You Run?"
He Takes A Moment Before Answering, Shifting His Weight And Grimacing Again. "Their Work Is Good," He Says. "It Just Isn't Mine."
This Baffles Her. His Motives-his Hazy Integrity. It Was Easy To Dismiss Lev As "part Of The Problem" When She Did Not Know Him, But Now It's Not So Easy. He's A Paradox. This Is A Boy Who Almost Blew Himself To Bits In An Attempt To Kill Others, And Yet He Offered Himself To The Parts Pirate In Order To Save Miracolina's Life. How Could Someone Go From Having No Respect For One's Own Existence To Being Willing To Give Himself As A Sacrifice For Someone He Barely Knows? It Flies In The Face Of The Truths That Have Defined Miracolina's Life. The Bad Are Bad, The Good Are Good, And Being Caught In Between Is Just An Illusion. There Is No Gray.
— Neal Shusterman —

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