Nalini Singh Quotes: Theres So Much Love In Him Dad The

There's So Much Love In Him, Dad." The Mating Bond Showed Her A Depth Of Feeling, Of Heart, Even Greater Than She'd Imagined. He Was Someone Special, Andrew Liam Kincaid, And He Was Hers. "I Wish You Could See Him As I Do."
"That Would Be Against The Laws Of Nature," Abel Said In A Somber Tone. "I Have To Be Able To Kick His Ass If Necessary
Therefore, I Must See Him As The Filthy Bastard Who Dared Hurt My Daughter By Getting Himself Shot."
"Are You Threatening My Mortally Wounded Mate?"
Her Father Pressed A Kiss To Her Temple. "I'll Hold Of Until He's Healthy.
— Nalini Singh —

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