T.J. Klune Quotes: Yes Gus Because A Ford Taurus Screams

Yes, Gus, Because A Ford Taurus Screams Class," Casey Said, Sounding Amused.
"It Does," Gus Insisted. "Did You Know There Are Message Boards On The Internet Devoted To Ford Tauruses? I Should Know. I'm On One Of Them Now. I Have Conversations With Other Ford Taurus Enthusiasts." Which, In Hindsight, Was Something He Wished He'd Never Admitted Out Loud.
Casey Grinned. "Oh Really. What's Your Username On This Message Board?"
Gus Narrowed His Eyes. "Something Perfectly Normal And Not Weird At All."
"Cool, Man. What Is It?"
"TauruSaurus Rex," Gus Said. "And I Really Wish I'd Thought Of A Different Name Now."
"Dude," Casey Said In Awe. "How The Hell Do You Come Up With These Things?
— T.J. Klune —

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