N.D. Wilson Quotes: This World Is Beautiful But Badly Broken

This World Is Beautiful But Badly Broken. St. Paul Said That It Groans, But I Love It Even In Its Groaning. I Love This Round Stage Where We Act Out The Tragedies And The Comedies Of History. I Love It With All Of Its Villains And Petty Liars And Self-righteous Pompers. I Love The Ants And The Laughter Of Wide-eyed Children Encountering Their First Butterfly. I Love It As It Is, Because It Is A Story, And It Isn't Stuck In One Place. It Is Full Of Conflict And Darkness Like Every Good Story. And Like Every Good Story, There Will Be An Ending. I Love The World As It Is, Because I Love What It Will Be. I Love It Because It Spins And Tilts, Because It's Dizzying, Because Of The Night Sky And The Swirling Lights. But I Have Run Too Far Ahead. We Should Be More ... Philosophical.
— N.D. Wilson —

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