Mindy Kaling Quotes: Men Know What They Want Men Make

Men Know What They Want. Men Make Concrete Plans. Men Own Alarm Clocks. Men Sleep On A Mattress That Isn't On The Floor. Men Tip Generously. Men Buy New Shampoo Instead Of Adding Water To A Nearly Empty Bottle Of Shampoo. Men Go To The Dentist. Men Make Reservations. Men Go In For A Kiss Without Giving You Some Long Preamble About How They're Thinking Of Kissing You. Men Wear Clothes That Have Never Been Worn By Anyone Else Before. (Okay, Maybe Men Aren't Exactly Like This. This Is What I've Cobbled Together From The Handful Of Men I Know Or Know Of, Ranging From Heathcliff Huxtable To Theodore Roosevelt To My Dad.) Men Know What They Want And They Don't Let You In On Their Inner Monologue, And That Is Scary.
— Mindy Kaling —

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