Sergei Lukyanenko Quotes: Do You Know What Its Like To Be

-"Do You Know What It's Like To Be Condemned To Love?"
-"But Isn't It Always Like That?" Svetlana Asked, Trembling With Indignation. "When People Love Each Other, When They Find Each Other Out Of Thousands And Millions Of People. It's Always Destiny!"
Once Again I Sensed That Infinitely Naive Girl In Her, The Girl Who Couldn't Hate Anything Except Herself. The Girl Who Was Already Beginning To Disappear.
-"No, Sveta, Haven't You Ever Heard Love Compared To A Flower?"
-"A Flower Can Be Grown, Sveta. But It Can Be Bought Too, Or Given As A Gift."
-"Did Anton Buy It?"
-"No," I Said, A Bit Too Sharply. "It Was A Gift. From Destiny."
-"What Difference Does That Make? If It Is Love?"
-"Sveta, Cut Flowers Are Beautiful, But They Don't Live For Long. They're Already Dying, Even The Ones That Are Carefully Placed In A Crystal Vase And Given Fresh Water.
— Sergei Lukyanenko —

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