Anna Banks Quotes: Youll Teach Me To Drive Your Car If I

You'll Teach Me To Drive Your Car If I Let You Get In The Water?"
"Uh, No. I'll Teach You How To Drive Galen's Car If You Let Me Get In The Water. You're Not Touching My Car Without A License. A Real One, Not Some Shiny Plastic Thing Rachel Made Between Afternoon Talk Shows." Even If Galen Doesn't Have Insurance, He's Got Enough In His Wallet To Buy A New One. I, On The Other Hand, Have Just Enough In Saving To Cover My Deductible.
Her Eyes Go Round. "You'll Let Me Drive His Little Red One? The Combustible?"
Why Not? I Nod. "Yep. The Convertible. Deal?"
She Grabs My Hand From The Couch To Pull Us Both Up. Then She Shakes It. "Deal! I'll Go Get The Keys From Rachel.
— Anna Banks —

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