Ilchi Lee Quotes: Positive Lifeparticles And Negative Life

Positive Lifeparticles And Negative Life Particles
Lifeparticles Are Originally In A Neutral, Indeterminate State Of Limitless Possibilities. What Determines
the Quality Of Positivity Or Negativity Is The Kind Of Information Given To The Lifeparticles. Think Of It As Pure White Light That Changes Its Color When It It Filtered Through Colored Lenses. When Information Is Added, Lifeparticles Move And Change According To That Information. If Bright, Positive Information Is Added To Lifeparticles, They Become Bright And Positive. However, If Dark, Negative Information Is Added To Them, They Act As Dark, Negative Energy.What Changes The Characteristics Of Neutral Lifeparticles ,then, It The Mind.
— Ilchi Lee —

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