Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes: Fichte Schelling And Hegel Are In My

Fichte, Schelling, And Hegel Are In My Opinion Not Philosophers; For They Lack The First Requirement Of A Philosopher, Namely A Seriousness And Honesty Of Inquiry. They Are Merely Sophists Who Wanted To Appear To Be Rather Than To Be Something. They Sought Not Truth, But Their Own Interest And Advancement In The World. Appointments From Governments, Fees And Royalties From Students And Publishers, And, As A Means To This End, The Greatest Possible Show And Sensation In Their Sham Philosophy-such Were
the Guiding Stars And Inspiring Genii Of Those Disciples Of Wisdom. And So They Have Not Passed The Entrance Examination And Cannot Be Admitted Into The Venerable Company Of Thinkers For The Human Race.
Nevertheless They Have Excelled In One Thing, In The Art Of Beguiling The Public And Of Passing Themselves Off For What They Are Not; And This Undoubtedly Requires Talent, Yet Not Philosophical.
— Arthur Schopenhauer —

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