Brittainy C. Cherry Quotes: There Were Over Six Hundred Thousand

There Were Over Six Hundred Thousand Words In The Oxford Dictionary. That Meant There Were Six Hundred Thousand Definitions Of Different Words With A Million And One Meanings. Some Words Were Silly While Others Were Heartbreaking. Some Words Were Happy While Others Were Angry. So Many Different Letters Came Together In Different Ways To Form Those Different Words, Those Unique Meanings. So Many Words, But At The End Of The Day There Was Only One Word That Stood Out Among The Rest. One Word That Somehow Meant Both Heaven And Hell, The Sunny Days And The Rainy Days, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. It Was The One Word That Made Sense When Everything Else Around You Was Messy, Painful, And Unapologetic. Love. With A Smile, I Wrapped My Pinkie Around His And Said, I Love You.
— Brittainy C. Cherry —

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