Jennifer Egan Quotes: And Phoebe Saw With A Dreadful Clarity

And Phoebe Saw, With A Dreadful Clarity, That In The End She'd Failed To Interest Her Mother Enough, Failed To Hold Her Attention. Some Flaw Within Herself Made Her Extraneous To Everyone. She Stopped On A Corner Overwhelmed By A Terrible Pain. It Was Her Fault, Her Own Fault. She'd Done Everything Wrong.
Wait, She Thought, But Wait - Walking Again, Faster Now - Maybe She'd Misunderstood, Maybe The Deal With Her Mother Had Been That They Each Would Live A Secret Life And Not Tell The Other, But Phoebe Hadn't Realized - She'd Failed To Live The Secret Life And Now Her Life Was Only This, A Hundred Empty Years Stretched Uselessly Behind Her.
— Jennifer Egan —

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