Jennifer Crusie Quotes: I Even Yelled At You Last Night Phin

I Even Yelled At You Last Night." Phin Eased Up. "For Which I Apologize."
"It Was Kind Of Nice," Sophie Said. "At Least You Know I Was There."
"Oh Hell, Spohie, I Always Know You're There." Phin Rolled Twords Her On One Hip, And Sophie Felt Felt A Flare Of Hope, But He Was Just Digging Something Out Of His Back Pocket. "Here." He Weld Out An Emerald-cut Diamond Ring The Size Of Her Head. "Marry Me, Julie Ann. Ruin The Rest Of My Life."
"Hello." Sophie Gasped At The Ring. "Jeez, That Thing Is Huge. Where Did You Get It?"
"My Mother Gave It To Me," Phin Said Sounding Bemused.
Then The Other Shoe Dropped. "Marry You?" Sophie Said, And The Sun Came Out And The Birds To Sing And The River Sent Up A Cheer. Marriage Was Probably Out- Liz As A Mother-in-law Was Too Terrifying To Complete , And Phin Would Never Get Elected Agian If He Was Married To A Pornographer- But Suddenly Everything Else Was Looking Pretty Good.
— Jennifer Crusie —

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