Ned Vizzini Quotes: This Was All An Excuse I Think I Was

This Was All An Excuse, I Think. I Was Doing Fine. I Had A 93 Average And I Was Holding My Head Above Water. I Had Good Friends And A Loving Family. And Because I Needed To Be The Center Of Attention, Because I Needed Something More, I Ended Up Here, Wallowing In Myself, Trying To Convince Everybody Around Me That I Have Some Kind Of ... Disease. I Don't Have Any Disease. I Keep Pacing. Depression Isn't A Disease. It's A Pretext For Being A Prima Donna. Everybody Knows That. My Friends Know It; My Principal Knows It. The Sweating Has Started Again. I Can Feel The Cycling Roaring Up In My Brain. I Haven't Done Anything Right. What Have I Done, Made A Bunch Of Little Pictures? That Doesn't Count As Anything. I'm Finished. My Principal Just Called Me And I Hung Up On Him And Didn't Call Back. I'm Finished. I'm Expelled. I'm Finished.
— Ned Vizzini —

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